Architectural Studio

is a team of experienced, certified architects, designers, and engineers.

  • We specialize in designing industrial and warehouse facilities, multi-family residential buildings, and commercial properties.
  • Operating throughout Poland, we effectively collaborate with local companies and institutions.
  • We offer comprehensive design services, providing full project documentation, whether you need a construction project, tender design, or even an executive project.

Architectural Studio

How do we operate?

We focus on solutions, not problems.

The service is aimed at investors and development companies carrying out construction projects. Our experienced team of architects, industry designers, and engineers specializes in industrial, warehouse, multi-family, and commercial building projects. We operate throughout Poland, effectively collaborating with local companies and institutions. We offer design services that cover all project documentation – from the building design, through the tender documentation, to the execution documentation.

01Personalized Service
02Design Excellence
03Multi-disciplinary Collaboration
04We prioritize safety
05Investor Representation and Permits
07Keeping Up-to-Date

What do we do?

UNI-FORM Architects


From identifying the investor’s needs, creating initial concepts, analyzing site conditions, to obtaining usage permits, we support you at every stage. We guarantee a personalized approach to your investment.

01Site Analysis $ Due Dilligence
02Pre-Design Work
03Concept Design
04Architectural Design
05Technical Design
06Tender Design
07Detailed Executive Design
08Author Supervision

Specialization in Large-Scale Building Design