Virako: Monopolis

Investment value150 million PLN
Usable area5000 sqm
Office space29 000 sqm
Virako: Monopolis
Virako: Monopolis
Monopolis: A Blend of History and Modernity
In Monopolis, a total of 29,000 sqm of premium class A office space has been created in the main building of a former vodka distillery and two new buildings.
The investment involved:
  • Restoring the historic walls of the Polmos distillery,
  • Constructing new buildings for a business and retail center,
  • Restoring and highlighting movable monuments such as tanks and distillation equipment,
  • Revealing a basement that serves not only as a back office or storage but has been turned into a public space,
  • Designing a recessed yet open plaza with two levels of relaxation and recreational space, connecting the plaza to the ground floor of the property with landscaped cascades that organize the space.

29,000 sqm

Total office space is nearly 29,000 sqm

5,000 sqm

Retail space intended for restaurants, cafes, wine bars, galleries, florists, car washes, and a pool with a fitness center.

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